Chairman Chen Youquan Investigate The Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co., Ltd

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On November 28, Chairman Chen Youquan went for Tongzhou Research and Development Base of Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co., Ltd to do an investigation and the president of Guoji Zhijun Automobile Co., Ltd., leaders of marketing department and part key members participated in the investigation conference.

In the first place, Sun Weijian and Gao Yunhang gave reports respectively on the marketing work plan of the company and on the analysis of A00 platform development necessity; then, President Zhang Xin gave an overall introduction of the marketing work; after listening to these reports, Chairman Chen Youquan conducted in-depth discussions with the attendees in terms of the business mode, network mode planning, network building and incentive mechanism of the sales team, etc. 
Chairman Chen Youquan made a positive acknowledgement of the marketing work in Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co., Ltd and he mentioned that the next step was to encourage all sales employees to work hard under a comparatively comprehensive sale system. President Zhang Xin expressed that there had already been a comparatively complete marketing work plan and all the sales employees should implement the work based on this plan.