Ding Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager of China National Machinery Industry Co, (SINOMACH) Investigate the Jinghai Pilot- Production Test Base in Tian

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On November 27, the Ding Yueda, General Manager of the Automotive Engineering Corporation and Wang Yuqi, the director of the Trading Service Division of SINOMACH accompany with Ding Hongxiang, deputy general Manager of SINOMACH went to Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co., Ltd's Jinghai Pilot-production Test Base in Tianjin to do investigation, Li Tong, the project manager of the Automotive Engineering Corporation and Xu Yunfeng, the director of Comprehensive Technology Institution of Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co., Ltd receive the delegation.

During the investigation, Mr. Ding listened to the project introduction from institution director XuYunfeng, at the construction site and communicated cordially with the construction employees at the base in terms of the construction situation of Jinghai Pilot-Production Test Base, the equipment installation processing, the prototype vehicle Pilot- production readiness, the pilot-production test process and the future planning. Mr.Ding confirmed that the Jinghai pilot-production Test Base Project had good improved and make a good achievement, he required that the relevant departments should have a  cooperate in the construction of Jinghai pilot-production Test Base Project to ensure its stable progress and hoped that this base could improve and develop continuously in the future, complete the pilot-production assignment with high-quality in time.

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